Top Secrets to Getting Cheap Air Tickets

Travelling can become quite expensive, which is probably the reason why many people do not go on vacation too often. However, making budget vacation plans can help you enjoy a nice trip without having to incur too many costs. Transportation costs, especially airfare, are usually part of what makes trips so expensive. Finding ways to pay less for the air tickets can come in handy and help you save some money. Below are a few tips that are designed to help you get cheaper air tickets.

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Book Your Flight in Advance

You should book your flight for about seven weeks in advance. Doing so will ensure that you pay the cheapest rates, usually up to 10% less expensive than the standard rate. There are many reasons why air tickets are usually cheaper when booked in advance, among the main ones being for marketing purposes. However, that is not to mean that you cannot get a good deal if you make your travel arrangements late. Airlines usually have some valuable deals at all times, of which you can still take advantage.

Set Price Alerts

Another good idea to find cheap flights is to set price alerts. The price alerts will always notify you whenever there have been changes in the ticket prices, irrespective of whether it is a decrease or an increase. The prices can fluctuate each day, and at times open up a window to get cheaper flights that can result in significant savings. The savings will be more for even a small change in the prices if you have to buy tickets for your entire family.

Be Flexible

Making your travel plans a bit more flexible can also help you save on airfare. Traveling on the actual day of a holiday such as Christmas or thanksgiving is one of the ways you can save significantly on airfare. That is because fewer people book flight tickets on such days. Flying during the mid-week also helps. With flexible travel plans, you can also consider connecting flights or landing at a different airport to save some money.

Use an Airline Credit Card

Most airlines usually offer rewards for customers who use their airline credit cards. The most common reward is waivers on baggage fees. Such will contribute to lowering the cost of your trip. However, there are a few stipulations for getting the rewards. The two main ones are that you have to pay for the flight using the credit card and book your flight directly with the carrier.